The EP

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FEYR [ˈfaɪər] is a Berlin-based songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist with longstanding musical experience. Being brought up with a classical music training as a teenager in his hometown Munich, the now 29-year-old musician moved into the world of singer- songwriter and pop when he arrived in Berlin in 2012.

Now, the accomplished songwriter delivers his first own release as a four-track EP in Spring 2020. Debuting on April, 3rd (via The 5150/RAGEQUIT), single “Atomic Chaos” paths the way to the release of the same-titled EP in May.

On ATOMIC CHAOS, FEYR draws a magical image of a state of dreams, hopelessness, and chaos. Combining alternative, pop, and singer-songwriter tradition, the completely selfmade and self-produced release is mirroring a deep stream of consciousness in two antagonisms of blurry and clear. Once you are in one state, soothing vocals and catchy cords draw you directly into the other. His world of thought is based on nature and everyday thoughts and fears, always with some kind of chaos in mind.

While “Atomic Chaos”, “Dream State” and “Omens” were written in solitude on his acoustic guitar, FEYR teamed up with Canadian singer-songwriter Laurent Bourque for the dreamy hit “Wildfire”. When you can’t get the chorus out of your head you know you’re in deep.


Label contact:
Jobst Wawersik

PR contact, press material:
Deborah Brzezinski